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stucco installers in jacksonville flLooking for the best Stucco Installation service provider is a bit challenging. Searching over the internet for contractors is just the tip of the iceberg. When they lay out all their qualifications, it doesn’t mean that they are true. Not everything you see over the internet is trustworthy. Therefore, you need to be a lot more careful about choosing one. Nevertheless, here in Stucco Repair Jacksonville, the company assures quality service and customer satisfaction. Enough about the company, and let’s talk about the most frequently asked questions regarding installation. As stucco installers in Jacksonville, FL, people would ask many questions regarding stucco installations. The most common question we always hear is, “how does stucco adhere?” This question arises more often, probably because stucco is used by attaching it on to surfaces. Stucco is made from materials similar to concrete and concrete masonry. Traditional stucco is made from lime, water, and sand.

On the other hand, modern stucco is made from portland cement, water, and sand. As a result, stucco is adherable to almost any kind of surface. It is essential for stucco installers Jacksonville FL to clear out the surface from any contamination for the surface to be installed properly with stucco. Contamination on the surface will lead to a poorly application of the material and inhibits adhesion. There is a trick to know if you’d be able to bond the stucco on a surface. Sprinkle some water on the wall and observe if there is absorption. Then the stucco is expected to connect well with the surface area. However, if absorption does not occur, depending on the surface, it must be handled differently. Depending on the level of contamination, you might need to wash with water. In a much worse situation, applying a more rigid process and techniques are necessary, including but not limited to sandblasting or acid etching.

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We don’t just install stucco. We also do a stucco repair Jacksonville FL. It is a popular fact that stucco can last for around for a very long time, but it doesn’t mean it is imperishable. Water is the bane of stuccos and can lead to cracks and holes, which can let water in more and lead to further damage to its underlying surfaces. Stucco can also lose its adhesible feature resulting in breaking from the wood or metal lath it is bonded with, causing areas to loosen up and worsen over time. What seems to be a small hole would often turn to a bigger problem if left unattended. The place where the stucco became loose must be repaired immediately, installing new building paper and metal lath, and a fresh coating of stucco mix repair. Many people thought of mixing their stucco using traditional materials. However, getting an expert is a much smarter idea; getting help from experts ensures you get the perfect mix for the application. So if you are having repair problems, we recommend you hire professionals. Instead of saving more money, you will spend more to correct the issues that arise from doing it on your own.