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painting new stuccoStucco Repair Jacksonville not only works with repairs, but we also offer stucco painting Jacksonville FL, specifically, painting interior stucco walls. You can also observe that most homes can be found having stucco being used in exterior finish, but it can also be used in texturing interiors. However, there is a better way of making those interiors look better, painting new stucco. It can offer a fresher and vibrant look you want, and it is a project that most homeowners can do. But it would be best if you made sure that no hidden defects are lurking around before doing a makeover. You need to let the pros do the job to achieve your dreams of having a beautiful interior design. Stucco painting is one of the maintenance tasks you need to do for your home. It doesn’t mean that it’s only a waste of money when you are doing a maintenance job. It will be one of your investments that gives out the best ROI. A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull house into a “scene-stealer” in your neighborhood. Besides making your homes beautiful, painting stucco can help protect your families from the harsh conditions from the elements such as sun, rain, snow, etc. 

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Stucco Painting Jacksonville FL

To give you an overview of the process of the service you are going to avail, continue reading as we are going to explain the five steps on how painting stucco is done. First, the surrounding area must be prepared, such as making sure that no paint may drop on the floor. Second, after all the surrounding materials have been covered to be paint-proof, the staff would make sure that all the surfaces they are going to work on shall be decontaminated. For most, this requires a thorough brushing and vacuuming. If the walls are not cleaned well, it will affect the process as a whole. Third, before applying stucco painting, the staff will ensure that any small cracks will be fixed and removed loose stucco that might affect the process. Fourth, a primer would then be applied using a brush or a napped roller to roll on it. Acrylic paint or primers are recommended because it has better adherence than other materials. Fifth, apply stucco paint.

Now that you have already know the process in which our stucco painting would go through, avail of our services now, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from us. The company assesses every stucco problem on a case to case basis because we believe that every stucco damage is a unique circumstance we need to tend. Thus, the company always gives its one hundred percent effort in fixing the problems regarding issues with stucco in a personalized manner that would fit the customer’s preference. We highly prioritize customer-centered service satisfaction. The company is available and is always ready to serve the community in Jacksonville, Florida, and takes pride with every problem fixed. Call us today if you want to schedule a stucco painting appointment.