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eifs stucco installationAre you interested in EIFS stucco installation or repair? Well, no one is surprised. It is a durable substance that would protect your home from any harsh conditions it can be subjected to. Having the material installed on your home forms a solid shield around the surfaces it has applied. If used properly, it would last for a long time and is an excellent investment. The company highly recommends the material. The material can be a little confusing for some people to understand, and right here, we will give you a better overview of what it is, from the advantages and disadvantages. To get a better view of what and how the component works, continue reading. In stucco, there are traditional and synthetic materials being used. External Insulation and Finishing Systems stuccos are a type of cladding on the wall similar to stucco insulation outside homes. However, it is different from a hard coating stucco system when you try to look deeper into it. The process uses other products in each of the multiple coatings that complete them. The numerous coatings may possess characteristics such as water protection and air barriers, unlike the standard traditional stucco, which uses natural materials and mesh.

On the other hand, External Insulation and Finishing Systems stucco use synthetic materials in its layers. To give you an idea of how EIFS works, we will explain it step by step. The first layer utilizes a polystyrene foam board, followed by a finishing coating after the fiberglass mesh. Other systems even add water-resistant barriers. When those layers are added, EIFS provides more concrete protection compared to traditional stucco. The material has gained popularity due to its increased insulation. Compared to traditional stucco, EIFS is more versatile, which means lesser crumbling and cracking caused by thermal expansion or the shifting of foundations. The layer which utilized fiberglass provides more strength against impacts and harsh weather conditions. It is also a fact that EIFS stucco is significantly lighter than the average traditional stucco.


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Just like what we’ve mentioned throughout our website, Stucco Repair Jacksonville offers not only installation but also repairs. Stucco repair Jacksonville FL specifically fixes damages such as cracks and holes. It is critical to stucco’s performance and makes your homes and other buildings resistant to harsh elements, sealing unwanted openings to avoid moisture accumulation, causing more damage. Any contractor could prevent this from happening in observing extreme care while repairing stucco issues. A routine such as regular inspection and maintenance should be done in able for it to stand against harsh weather conditions. Just like any other materials for wall cladding, stucco can give a fantastic curb appeal on your property that can stand out from others. For your stucco repairs, there is no other place you need to go; Stucco Repair Jacksonville will be your best buddy on solving all your problems regarding stucco. As a stucco repair company, we will do all your demands as long as it involves stucco, painting to waterproofing, and other repair services.